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Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03rd June 2022

With memories of covid receding the annual village BBQ returned to its normal slot at the beginning of June, which for 2022 coincided with the Queens Platinum jubilee, thus the theme for this year was red, white and blue. Friday the 3rd June was chosen so as not to clash with other jubilee events over the weekend. The Residents’ Association committee spent an anxious week checking the weather forecast and as Friday dawned we were confident it would remain dry, which would allow us to set up outside.

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-3.jpg

The Village Hall bedecked with bunting

Being able to hold the event outdoors was critical this year as over 180 residents and family members had indicated they would be attending. That is more than double the previous number who had ever attended our previous BBQs. In anticipation of this the RA had applied for permission to close the road, not just to give us more space to lay out the tables but importantly to allow the children to move freely and in safety between the school playing field and the village hall.

The RA committee and local volunteers set to at 10:00 in the morning to bedeck the village hall and surrounding areas with union jack bunting, erect the gazebos for the BBQs and bar and prepare the tables and chairs for when the road was to be closed at 4:00pm.

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-1.jpg

Laura, Clare, Anj and Phil prepare the food station

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-2.jpg

Tom and Paul prepare the bar

The first activity of the day at 3:00pm was a local derby rounders game between the parents and families of Crazies Hill against those of distant Warren Row. The match was eventually won by Warren Row which immediately led to an offer of a rematch next year, (watch this space).

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-4.jpg

Crazies Hill play Warren Row at rounders

4:00pm arrived and once the last minute food supplies were delivered the road from the village hall to the school playing fields was closed and barriers erected. The tables and chairs were placed on the road along with a table tennis table. This proved to be very popular and was in use throughout the evening

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-7.jpg

The road is closed, the guests can eat and play in safety

With the rounders match over the crowds arrived hungry and thirsty from 5 o’clock onwards and Chairman of the RA Dave Smith, who definitely entered into the spirit of the red, white and blue theme, welcomed all our guests. Phil Davies and Clare Donovan undertook the hot task of cooking all the food to perfection whilst Sue Robinson served the burgers and sausages to the residents who then added their own delicious salads and coleslaw which had been prepared by Laura Lord, Anj Collis and Clare Donovan. Meanwhile Paul Donovan, Tom Greenham, Rik Jones and Liz Tweddle all took turns to prevent the residents from becoming dehydrated.

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-5.jpg

The crowds start to arrive

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-10.jpg

Dave sets an example

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-12.jpg

Clare is refreshed whilst cooking

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-13.jpg

Phil cooks while Sue serves

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-8.jpg

The BBQ in full swing - thank goodness we closed the road

Throughout the evening the children enjoyed the dry weather and freedom of the road to run around, play netball, table tennis and generally having a good time whilst having the odd burger on the run. They did slow down when pudding in the form of delicious home made cup cakes arrived, followed up by choc ices to cool everyone down.

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-6.jpg

The table tennis proves a big hit

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-17.jpg

Brian says cheers

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-16.jpg

Empty plates means the food was excellent

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-19.jpg

Dick and Diane Bush in red, white and blue

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-15.jpg

Dave brings more supplies for the bar

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-9.jpg

Sue is not so sure about something!

As dark descended, those with young children took them off to bed, and when it was no longer light enough to see the barriers the road was reopened but that did not mean the end of the fun. Those villagers without parenting responsibilities continued to chat and socialise on the lawn in front of the bar area until very late.

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-11.jpg

The bar tent is kept busy

Platinum Jubilee BBQ - 03 June 2022-14.jpg

Tom, Rik and Liz keep the drinks flowing

Eventually however all things must come to an end and as midnight approached the RA assisted by the remaining residents packed up most of the equipment and went off for a well earned rest before returning the next morning to complete the clean up.

All agreed it had been a wonderful afternoon / evening. The Jubilee BBQ had brought everyone together and was a fantastic community event and a fitting tribute to her Majesty. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it such a success.

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