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Rock 'n Roll Bingo - 14th March 2020

The Residents' Association joined with the Crazies Hill school PTA to organise the village's Spring event. they settled on a tried and tested occasion - Bingo!. But this was not to just the run of the mill bingo, no this was Rock 'n Roll bingo.

Instead of using numbers, short excerpts from songs were played and contestants had to mark off the name of the artist & song from their bingo card. Players grouped themselves into teams of four and the winners were the team which completed its card first. There were four rounds with 40 songs in each round. To try and give all age groups a chance, each round was from a different decade, the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Rock and Roll bingo 14 Mar 2020-3.jpg

Winners of the 90s round, Tom, Becky, Chris and Juliana

Chairman of the RA, Dave Smith, welcomed everyone and took on the job of bingo caller for the evening.  In reality this meant starting and stopping the music files which had been set up on a laptop and which were played through the sound system supplied by Graham Tweddle.

No village social evening is complete without the odd libation. Thanks to Paul & Rob who stood behind the bar for the evening serving all comers ........... and themselves occasionally.

Rock and Roll bingo 14 Mar 2020-2.jpg

Barmen Paul and Rob

After two rounds there was a pause to allow everyone to refresh their glasses and to enjoy a fabulous supper of chilli and baked potatoes followed by chocolate cheesecake for desert. This was prepared an cooked once more by Laura Lord and Clare Donovan. Thank you to you both.

Rock and Roll bingo 14 Mar 2020-1.jpg

Contestants still smiling even if the music from the 90s was tricky.

Then it was time for the second half which included the music from the 80s and 70s. And one point it looked like no one was going to win the 80s round but then suddenly there was  a cry of bingo on the very last track. Dave scrutinised the card carefully, however there were no mistakes and the winners were awarded their prize of a box of chocolate to share amongst themselves.

Rock and Roll bingo 14 Mar 2020-4.jpg

Bingo caller Dave, playing along with his air guitar

There was a great atmosphere throughout the whole evening. Lots of people joined in by singing along and there was much mirth and merriment. Once the bingo itself was over everyone agreed it had a great success and most of the 54 attendees stayed on to chat and socialise. Which after all is the main purpose of these events.

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