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Egg Hunt - 22nd April 2019 

The Residents' Association committee held its annual Easter egg hunt on Easter Monday, the 22nd April. Thanks once again to Crazies Hill Primary School for allowing us to use their sports field.

Unlike the last few years the weather over the Easter weekend had been glorious and Easter Monday was no exception. Thus dozens of parents and children came along to enjoy the egg hunt or chat over coffee while their offspring raced around in pursuit of the hundreds of eggs that had been scattered over the field by the Easter Bunny.

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-1.jpg

Sometimes it looked like there was role reversal going on as far as enthusiasm was concerned.

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-2.jpg

Once the eggs had been collected some children took the comfy option to enjoy the fruits of their labours

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-3.jpg

Whilst others took a more rustic approach to their seating arrangements.

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-4.jpg

Many thanks to all Laura and all those who helped out not only with facilitating the Easter Bunny but to those who also ensured the parents did not go hungry either

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-7.jpg

There was one youngster though, who had been looking forward to the event, but who was denied entry onto the school field due to a species problem!

CHCGRA Egg Hunt - 22 Apr 2019-6.jpg
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