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Oktoberfest - 10th Oct 2019

The Residents’ Association are always trying to come up with ideas for fun events for the village and hit upon the notion of an Oktoberfest for their October social gathering. Well it did seem appropriate. As the world famous Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, the village hall was thus decked out in German flags along with Bavarian bunting. Eight various German beers were sourced for the villagers to sample and typical German food procured.

38 residents turned up to meet up with friends and fellow villagers and with oompah music playing in their ears started to sample the beers on offer, served up by Mein Host, Chairman of the RA, Dave Smith, ably assisted by Paul Donovan.

Oktoberfest - 12 Oct 2019-6.jpg

Penny & Hugh get into the spirt while Mein Host and Paul serve

Herman the German.jpg

Duncan & his friend Herman

Various residents made a great effort to partake in the evening by adopting Bavarian costume, a creditable mention must go to Penny & Hugh Whitfield along with Brian and Gerlinda Oldland. The prize for the best costume though, goes to Duncan Templeton who was ably supported by his friend Herman.

Meanwhile the food was prepared in the kitchen and then set up buffet style for everyone to help themselves. Many thanks to Laura Lord, Sue Robinson and Clare Donovan for organising that.

Oktoberfest - 12 Oct 2019-7.jpg

German cold meats, cheeses, wurst and, of course, sauerkraut

Then just as the party was in full swing it all went dark and quiet. A frantic scramble to find a shilling to go into the electricity meter proved unnecessary as it was soon realised the whole village had lost power. Undeterred everyone carried on enjoying themselves, after all, it was rapidly demonstrated you do not need light to be able to raise a glass to your lips.

Oktoberfest - 12 Oct 2019-9.jpg

Drinking in the dark!

Although the main purpose of the evening is for friends and neighbours to get together, the event did make a profit of over £350 which will be used by the Residents’ Association towards the upkeep of our village green.

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