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Quiz Night - 12th March 2016

Around 50 potential egg-heads gathered at the village hall on Saturday 12th March to take place in a fiercely competitive quiz. All of these 'smartie-pants' were competing in a closely fought competition which comprised eight rounds based loosely on anniversary themes raging across topics such as history, geography, sports and the arts

There was a brief respite during a break for a supper, consisting of lasagne for main course and pavlova for desert, during which the contestant's grey cells were kept busy with the inevitable 'dingbats'. Then it was on to a rousing music round while those teams who had not already played their jokers mused over when to go for broke.

At the end of it all the smartest guys in line for the smartest prizes were "The Knights of the Oblong Table" - Peter and Clare Fife, Ian and Cate Stuart, John Murdoch, Tess Dixon and Ken Brown. Even the losers, though, agreed it had been a great event and they would be back at the next Residents' Association shindig.

Even though the quiz was over there was still plenty of time for the winning team to celebrate along with Quiz Master Dave Smith, Chief Scorer  Jane Pellaumail and Head Barman Phil Davies. 

Of course a very big thanks was extended to all those on the Residents' Association committee who helped put the whole evening together and ensured it all ran smoothly. Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to all the residents who turned out to support an important and record breaking fundraising event. The £44 raised will benefit the whole village.

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