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Quiz Night - 23rd March 2019

With the demise of the monthly quiz in the Horns, the Resident’s Association, (RA), decided to hold the ‘Great British Quiz’ as the village’s Spring event. The hall was decked out in red, white and blue in keeping with the theme and forty residents turned up to test their knowledge of the British Isles. There were to be eight rounds with the usual history, geography etc along with dingbats about British towns & cities, picture round and a mysterious ‘biscuit’ round.

The RA invited Sandra Bernard (recently retired landlady of the Horns) to use all her experience to set the questions and to preside over the evening, which of course she did with great aplomb.  

CHCGRA quiz night - 23 Mar 2019-1.jpg

Guest Quizmistress Sandra Bernard

Chairman of the RA, Dave Smith, welcomed the participants and read out the rules of engagement before handing over to Sandra. The contestants promptly settled down, taking it all very seriously, while Sandra read out the questions in rounds one to three. Teams then swapped answer papers, to be marked as Sandra read out the answers.

CHCGRA quiz night - 23 Mar 2019-2.jpg

Whilst the half time scores were displayed on the ‘laser display board’, everyone tucked into the delicious cold meat and cheese platters prepared by Laura Lord and Clare Donovan. With Branston pickle and pickled onions along with hearty chunks of fresh bread, what could be more quintessentially British than that.

CHCGRA quiz night - 23 Mar 2019-3.jpg

Then it was time for the second half which included the ‘biscuit’ round. This consisted of bowls of British biscuits which had been reduced to a crumb. Contestants had to identify the type of biscuit (eg Rich Tea) by the taste of the crumb. This sounds difficult but many teams seemed to score well, obviously there had been a lot of biscuit munching in their younger lives.

Again, at the end of the second half, contestants swapped answer papers to be scored. Despite some controversy about a couple of ‘dingbat’ answers, the process was completed and the final scores revealed. And the winners were………. Premier Cru who continued their previous success in the pub quizzes. A prize of a tin of sweets was generously shared amongst all the contestants while residents continued to enjoy a final drink and chat until late into the evening.

scoresheet 2019.jpg
CHCGRA quiz night - 23 Mar 2019-4.jpg

The winning Team.  David, Tess, Jackie, Rhodri, Ken and John

Of course a very big thanks was extended to all those on the Residents' Association committee who helped put the whole evening together and ensured it all ran smoothly. Last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to all the residents who turned out to support this village event. All declared it to be a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The money raised will be used by the RA towards the upkeep of Cockpole Green for benefit the whole village.

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